Sonntag, Juni 06, 2004

A very warm welcome....

According to the statistics, the majority of visitors on this website are English speaking. Therefore, I'd like to welcome everyone here, especially those from the community.

Normally, this is a blog about European politics, but for the month of June, it will change. As the continent heads for the European football championship(soccer, if you prefare this stupid term)so will this blog. The results of the games will probably have a greater impact on European Integration than the EU Election on June, 13th.

Already the "friendlies" before the start of the tournament are getting exciting. The Netherlands i.e. lost against Ireland in a big surprise.

But for me the most intersting game to watch will be "Germany v. Hungary" today! 50 years ago, Germany ended the Hungarian era of dominance in football with a surprise victory against the in the final of the world champioship 1954 in Berne, Switzerland. This was the defining moment of the young German Federal Republic and is an event more remembered by Germany than the foundation of the Republid itself. But I have to admit: Hungary was better. Today, it is pay back time! I'll hope, Hungary wins 3:2.

If you're interested in contributing to this blog through the tournament, please find my contact information here. Email me, introduce yourself and I'll send you an invitation. Otherwise, just comment.